We would like to inform everyone that we have noticed some scams where people are selling RoRa Tokens online at a reduced price. However, we want to clarify that RoRa and its affiliates have not, and will not, attempt to sell tokens before their official launch, and the final price is attached. It is important to be aware of this scam and not to fall for it as the coins hold no value till launch. They will only gain their true value after the assets have been audited, a stable liquidity pool has been created, and they are listed on high-quality exchanges. In case you come across any scams related to this, kindly send us an email so that we can locate and report them.

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Enter the realm of

asset-backed coin creation

Upon our launch, the RoRa platform will address the worldwide need for a cryptocurrency backed by an actual valuable asset instead of solely computerized algorithms. Through this platform, investors from any location can work together on tokens that become more valuable with the growth of the pool of tangible assets.

RoRa Asset-Backed Coins
RoRa Asset-Backed CoinsRoRa Asset-Backed CoinsRoRa Asset-Backed Coins
RXOGC - RoRa Asset Backed CoinsRoRaD - RoRa Diamond Asset-Backed CoinsRoRaE - RoRa Emerald Asset-Backed CoinsRoRaR - RoRa RubyAsset-Backed CoinsRoRaG - RoRa Gold Asset-Backed CoinsRoRaP - RoRa Prime Asset-Backed Coins
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Why Asset Backed Coins?

Because the world can't seem to abandon the physical store of value entirely, non-USD asset-backed cryptocurrencies were an inevitable development. Many people prefer a physical representation of their digital assets in the real world to guarantee their value. The missing element to success with so many failed "algorithmic stablecoins" is asset-backed coins.

RoRa - Asset-Backed Coins

Driving the future of money

Through the implementation of an economic algorithm based on multiple asset classes, RoRa's proprietary coins will capture a significant share of the trillion dollar cryptocurrency market.

RoRa - Asset-Backed Coins

The future of finance is here

When it comes to coins in the world of finance, there are two that stand out from the rest: RoRa™ Prime and RoRa™ Gold. RoRa’s asset-backed cryptocurrencies provide financial services’ innovators with a diverse range of options to institutionalize digital assets one coin structure at a time.

RoRa - Asset-Backed Coins
RoRa - Asset-Backed Coins

Meet RoRa Prime

The digital representation of real assets on distributed ledgers or the creation of traditional asset classes in tokenized form is a key aspect of the revolutionary potential of RoRa Primes’ technology. RoRa Prime, and its initial collection of premium assets, have several advantages right out of the box: efficiency boosts due to automation and disintermediation; openness; increased liquidity and tradability potential for assets with little market depth, and quicker clearance and settlement.

RoRa - Asset-Backed Coins

Meet RoRa Gold

RoRaG will launch with the conversion rate of one token being equivalent to one ounce of gold. RoRa is placing a larger emphasis on RoRa Gold because of its historical stability and increased value. Upon launch our RoRaG coins will be backed by gold assets. Once launched, we will make the assets and audits public on our website.

RoRa - Asset-Backed Coins

Meet RoRa Oil Energex

The RoRa Holding's new oil coin, RXOGC, is the world's first regulatory-compliant digital currency backed by 25 Billion in verified oil reserves in the United States. The RXOGC allows individuals and organizations to use a transparent peer-to-peer exchange digital currency with an inherent value based on oil. Oil, the most liquid and actively traded commodity globally and an essential energy source for the global economy, can now be purchased and traded with simplicity.

RoRa - Asset-Backed Coins

Meet RoRa Emeralds

Cryptocurrencies are making headlines in a variety of industries all over the world, but many of these currencies are highly risky. We believe that our RoRaE Coin will provide a level of security comparable to that of a banknote, requiring tangible assets to maintain value. This not only allows us to construct a marketable product for people to invest in but also enables us to create a tradable Cryptocurrency that can function as a day-to-day currency through the security of vaulted Emeralds.

RoRa - Asset-Backed Stablecoins

Meet RoRa Diamonds

The crypto market has so far been marked by significant volatility and instability, with some investors seeing it as a high-risk venture. One of the reasons for this is that a digital currency's value is primarily determined by its technology, with a minor role played by confidence in the project's creators and presumed trade liquidity. The cryptocurrency market is still speculative, and rivalry between crypto companies continues to grow. Entrepreneurs are continuously attempting to develop a one-of-a-kind and stable cryptocurrency that investors may invest in. That is where RoRaD's vaulted Diamond-backed coin comes in with its diamond-secured coin.

RoRa - Asset-Backed Stablecoins

Meet RoRa Rubies

RoRaR is backed by tangible assets and receives its total value on the day of it's release. Because of the limited supply and is backed by vaulted Rubies, RoRaR is less volatile than traditional currencies. The liquidity they provide allows investors to exchange them without worrying about whether the future platform will be helpful. In addition, RoRaR may also be a good substitute for conventional investments in today's capital markets (since the execution of a transaction is faster and cheaper, reducing capital market intermediaries' expenses).

RoRa - Asset-Backed Stablecoins
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Oil / In Ground
Above Ground Mines
Rare / Uncommon
Gold / Refined
Gems / Unrefined
Precious Gems
Oil / Refined

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