How RoRa Works?

Markets and asset holders are searching for a non-volatile solution as the threat of counterparty risk and the global economic downturn has increased. Enter the RoRa family of cryptocurrencies, digital currencies that employ blockchain technology, and combine features of open, borderless cryptosystems with the stability of traditional fiat currencies. RoRa Holdings is a company that generates asset-backed coins based on its family of premium assets and then works with FI's and hedge fund managers to bring trade against the coins.

Decentralised Ethereum Scaling Platform

The potential for practically any asset to be tradable on the blockchain has been unleashed by tokenization. Tokens are generally digital "claims" on real values, and they have the potential to break down whole values into smaller portions, which is only feasible via digital technology and necessitates a minor shift in how we think about assets and ownership. Fractionalization allows investors, for example, to participate in revenue generation by purchasing a token that gives them a share of the profits generated by a company or project, which opens up a new market for investors across the world. Anything may also be tokenized in its entirety, giving the token owner complete control over the asset. Agricultural assets can be tokenized for trading and valuable assets such as artworks, high-end items, and legal documentation can all be tokenized for security and tracking. The value is converted to a digital "safe" that may be traded or sold.

RoRa Holdings Portfolio of Assets

Below Ground Mines
Oil / In Ground
Above Ground Mines
Rare / Uncommon
Gold / Refined
Gems / Unrefined
Precious Gems
Oil / Refined