A Brief Message

A Brief Message

As you begin this new year, we are pleased to announce that on April 1st our partners at NYXEX will be launching the innovative NYXEX US platform. Moreover, they will officially commence their collaboration with auditors concerning RoRa assets! Get ready for an exciting journey ahead! This is fantastic news as it signals that the assets will start their methodical audit process, making certain that the liquidity pool precisely matches up with its real assets. In order to achieve our summer deadline, we must swiftly progress through the auditing process. Continuing forward, various pieces of information will be disclosed as each asset is carefully evaluated by a top-tier auditing firm. We are devoted to complete transparency and honesty and understand that this is the only method in which that can be achieved. These results –including assessed values– will then be published on our website for all to see.

We are delighted to share that come the 1st of February, we will start incorporating pivotal new assets for RoRa. These assets lay a robust groundwork and ensure long-term success in terms of cryptocurrency growth. We wish everyone an excellent month ahead, and more information will be sent out as soon as next month!.


RoRa Team

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