Asset-Backed Coins from RoRa Usher in New, More Stable Approach to Decentralized Investing

Asset-Backed Coins from RoRa Usher in New, More Stable Approach to Decentralized Investing

Jun 14, 2022 - RoRa Holdings, LTD, is paving the way for stable cryptocurrency investing with tangible, asset-based coins; RoRa™ Gold, RoRa™ Prime & RoRa™ Oil. Circumventing the volatility of standard cryptocurrency today, the company is merging the physical and digital with asset-back tokens that represent a significantly more stable and secure approach to blockchain currency. In offering coins based on multiple asset classes, the company is able to capture a huge market and provide significant wealth building opportunities.

RoRa™ Gold is stunningly simple and one of the three tokens offered by RoRa Corp. With one ounce of gold valued at one RoRa Gold coin, RoRa Gold™ will always trade at the current gold price. As the coin becomes more fully integrated with global financial institutions, the coin price may rise over that of gold, which benefits each holder as a built-in stop-loss mechanism - allowing RoRa Gold™ to hold its value or rise above.

Furthermore, RoRa’s gold storage process elevates the industry standard, exemplifying the highest levels of transparency, accountability, and safety. The company owns the gold through their asset agreements, which is critical for determining how their process improves and holds onto value.

RoRa™ Prime, is the premier coin by RoRa which is backed by real assets, including rhodium, copper mines, precious gems, real estate, oil & gas, and various other high-value categories. The objective of the RoRa Prime project is to allow global trade against assets by employing new reliable currency technology, allowing it to act as a medium of exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies. In providing a service that is distinct from the ownership of legacy cryptocurrencies by lowering price volatility, RoRa is able to offer a truly unique form of currency that side-steps volatility and acts as a truly stable currency option.

RoRa™ Oil (RXOGC), the newest and one of the most exciting asset-backed coins recently released, is the world's first regulatory-compliant digital currency backed by verified oil reserves in the United States. As the most liquid and actively traded commodity globally and an essential energy source for the global economy, this asset-backed coin can now be purchased and traded with simplicity and ease. RXOGC allows investors the ability to participate in a peer-to-peer exchange of digital currency with oil as its inherent value. Quite simply, RoRa is now the future of oil trading.

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About RoRa Holdings, LTD

RoRa Holdings, LTD, A BVI Company, is a collection of disruptors who have embraced blockchain technology in order to identify and eliminate the existing inefficiencies and outdated processes that have plagued previous models. The firm was founded by bankers, cryptocurrency specialists, Fintech consultants, and other alternative investment experts. RoRa Holdings, LTD is paving the way for digital monetization, allowing asset holders and financial institutions to buy and profit from stable coins and gold coins for their assets. Their objective is to provide 1 million investors and high-quality asset holders the opportunity to benefit from the economic prosperity that a blockchain future promises.

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