RoRa Holdings Unveils New Site, Highlighting Future of Asset-Backed Cryptocurrencies for a Global Audience

RoRa Holdings Unveils New Site, Highlighting Future of Asset-Backed Cryptocurrencies for a Global Audience

The ever-expanding and innovative asset coin production firm, RoRa, is simplifying & securing digital trade as everyone knows it.

July 6, 2022 – British Virgin Islands – Assisting people across the world with entry into the crypto world, RoRa Holdings is paving the way for safe and transparent decentralized investing by producing asset-backed cryptocurrency coins that hold tangible, real world value.

The company marks a new milestone with a new site, which showcases their entire collection of coins, including; RoRa Prime, RoRa Gold, RoRa Oil Energex, RoRa Emeralds, RoRa Diamonds, and RoRa Rubies, with more to come.

These non-USD asset-backed cryptocurrencies are the evolution of cryptocurrency that have developed from a need of more stable investment classes and options tied to real world assets within the blockchain. In the face of such demand, RoRa has implemented an economic methodology, based on multiple asset classes, resulting in proprietary coins that will capture a significant share of the trillion dollar cryptocurrency market.

These coins are developed through an exclusive partnership with the NYXEX platform, where RoRa coins are planned for market exposure by the fall of 2022. This platform, in combination with the RoRa coins, provide a mutually beneficial architecture and ultimately, a synergy that is completely unique to RoRa Holdings, allowing the company to innovate and provide safe and secure trading with low-volatility assets in one place. Furthermore, this is achieved with low risk within asset classes that can withstand significant market swings based on their assets’ reserves.

RoRa sets itself apart by employing blockchain technology, and combining features of open, borderless cryptosystems with the stability of traditional fiat currencies. They generate asset-backed coins based on its family of premium assets and then work with FI’s and hedge fund managers to bring trade against the coins. RoRa strives to improve lives by creating more equal access and highly effective solutions for individuals, business, and governments alike.

To learn more about RoRa, visit their new site at, or engage on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Visit their trading exclusive partner, NYXEX, LTD, at

About RoRa Holdings

RoRa Holdings, LTD is a group of visionaries who have utilized blockchain technology to discover and decrease the waste associated with old “stable-coin” models. Bankers, cryptocurrency experts, Fintech specialists, and other alternative investment gurus founded the company. RoRa Holdings is leading the charge in the digital monetization of premium assets by allowing asset owners and financial institutions to buy and profit from asset-backed and gold coins for their investments.

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