Investing in ICO's and possible dangers - Fraud Series Part 1 of 3

Investing in ICO's and possible dangers - Fraud Series Part 1 of 3

Mar 03, 2022 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Rome, Italy - Mar 3, 2022 - Increasingly, developers, businesses, and individuals are using ICOs – also called coin or token launches or sales – to raise capital. There has been media attention regarding this form of capital raising. While these activities may provide fair and lawful investment opportunities, there may be situations in which companies are publicly announcing ICO or coin/token-related events to commit fraud. This is the second of our four-part series on ICOs, and what investors should look for in a respectable one and to help them avoid scams led by criminals and pedophiles.

Tips for Investors to look out for.

  • Before investing in an ICO or affiliated company, always do your homework. Look into the company's financial health, management, and prospects. This sort of knowledge is generally included in reports submitted to the SEC that are free and may be discovered through the EDGAR filing system.
  • Some firms are not required to submit reports with agencies or go through audits. Non-reporting companies are those that do not have to report their financial results. Investors should be cautious when trading such stocks, as there may be no current and accurate information for investors to make an educated decision about them.
  • Investors should conduct their research and be aware that information from internet blogs, social networking sites, and even a company's website might be unreliable.
  • If a company claims that its ICO is "SEC-compliant" but does not explain it satisfies the securities regulations, potential investors should be wary.
  • A company that purports to conduct an ICO or accept an ICO-related business is described in vague or non-existent language and uses undefined technical or legal jargon or claims of being of sovereign nature.
  • Verify websites for legitimacy and look into the backgrounds of those involved in cryptocurrency. Anything that appears unclear or vague should be avoided. Don't be fooled by pretty and sophisticated internet sites. It's what's on the inside that matters, after all.
  • Before investing any money in cryptocurrencies, consult with specialists or talk to your financial advisor. In this sector, the allure of becoming rich overnight is strong. Don't be fooled by fraudulent promises or flashy sales pitches.
  • Ensure that the cryptocurrency exchange you choose is legal and licensed before purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. Additionally, make sure your deposits are protected against theft or loss. Any respectable and credible exchange will provide insurance and keep their digital wallets in cold storage (offline).
  • It is critical to be cautious about leaving cryptocurrency on any exchange for an extended period. If you bought cryptocurrency to trade, you could leave it on an exchange. However, if you want to invest in and store various cryptocurrencies over the years, consider getting a cold-storage hardware wallet.

Don't be discouraged if you've been a victim of a cryptocurrency or bitcoin fraud. Regulators all around the world have set their sights on anything that looks questionable in the crypto space, because of the huge number of scams and people harmed over the previous five years. Take heart in the knowledge that many individuals have recovered Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – nothing is completely secret. Please feel free to contact RoRa Holdings if you have been preyed, and we will do our best to assist you in finding the appropriate reporting agencies.

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