Message for all holders and enthusiasts of Rora coins:

Message for all holders and enthusiasts of Rora coins:

Considering the recent confidence in the markets, we believe it is appropriate to move forward with the next phase of RoRa which involves enlisting liquidity partners before our official launch. The program has remained unavailable to date as we wanted to make sure that the coins are stable according to the original design and with the proper liquidity partners. Including liquidity partners can reduce investment risk on the exchanges and help short sellers with an exit strategy, allowing them to easily sell their holdings at the token launch. For RoRa to stand out from other cryptocurrencies, it's crucial to prioritize liquidity and avoid rushing the launch until the solution is prepared. This will hopefully result in price stability, lower volatility, and better insight into trader conduct. Adding liquidity partners will decrease investment risk on the exchanges and aid in the development of an exit strategy for short sellers, making it easier to sell your holdings when we launch the tokens. To set RoRa apart from other cryptocurrencies, it is important to prioritize liquidity and not rush to launch until the solution is ready. This will lead to price stability, reduced volatility, and greater visibility into trader behavior.

In the cryptocurrency industry, there have been numerous promises and coins with potential that ultimately fail if there is no liquidity and we can not and will not follow that path. Typically, only those who hold the keys make profits, and that's not what RoRa is about. Since the beginning, our project has aimed to create positive changes in the world of cryptocurrency. We appreciate all the individuals who have received free coins and gifts and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to trade them. Although we appreciate the enthusiasm that the program has generated prior to its launch, we want to clarify that the coins will only be released once the project has reached full liquidity and we can't do it sooner. To show our gratitude for everyone's patience, we will conduct a free airdrop for all holders as we near the liquidity event. Although we encountered some challenges due to changes in the crypto industry during the past year, it has not dampened our motivation or efforts.

We suggest that all coin enthusiasts regularly check for more news and updates on the newly revamped website starting in June 2023. The new site will feature the new streamlined offers and a detailed plan for liquidity along with monthly updates.

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