Startup to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with New Asset-Backed Currency

Startup to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with New Asset-Backed Currency

Mar 29, 2022 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Vilnius, Lithuania - March 29th, 2022 - NYXEX LTD, the newest cryptocurrency exchange with a brand-new asset-backed currency called RoRa, has announced important features to be expected for NYXEX in the Q2 launch.

NYXEX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform built with unrivaled speed and stability and is available 24/7 in user-friendly desktop and mobile versions, making it easy for busy investors to manage their assets from home or on the go with confidence.

“We are thrilled to announce some of the key features users can expect with NYXEX including the brand new RoRa currency,” said Cora Müller, Director of Media Relations for NYXEX. “Our mission is to change the landscape of investing with innovative crypto technology that is easy to use, even for beginner investors.”

RoRa's asset-backed cryptocurrencies are digital claims on a real asset and are only backed by top-tier assets. Physical assets like gold, oil, real estate, stocks, soybeans, or other material goods may be tokenized and included in the RoRa family of high-quality coins.

The NYXEX Wallet allows investors to trade cryptocurrencies such as RoRa, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more, all from a secure wallet accessed by private keys. Two independently generated mathematical secret shares, 16-share and 64-share, are used for NYXEX servers, ensuring no single failure point.

As additional security, NYXEX deploys authenticated infrastructure penetration testing each month, which simulates a hacker attack, in order to ensure impenetrable security and protection.

“At NYXEX, we’re disrupting the status quo and establishing a new way to invest, so that trading is as simple and appealing as possible for people of all ages and backgrounds,” Müller added.

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