Pre-ICO RoRa™ Prime Single Coin:$798.44|Pre-ICO Rora™ Gold (Ounce) Single Coin:$1845.00|Pre-ICO Rora™ Oil (Barrell) Single Coin:$117.40
Pre-ICO RoRa™ Prime Single Coin:$800.00|Pre-ICO Rora™ Gold (Ounce) Single Coin:$1925.00|Pre-ICO Rora™ Oil (Barrell) Single Coin:$96.58|Pre-ICO RoRa™ Prime Single Coin:$800.00|Pre-ICO Rora™ Gold (Ounce) Single Coin:$1925.00|Pre-ICO Rora™ Oil (Barrell) Single Coin:$96.58

RoRa™ Prime, Assets Reimagined

RoRa Prime™ coins are a type of crypto backed by real assets, including rhodium, copper mines, precious gems, real estate, oil and gas, and various other high-value categories. As a decentralized cryptocurrency based on Ethereum, our RoRa™ Prime coins are inherently stable assets and provide a convenient means of value for regular transactions. RoRa™ Prime coins expand the mobility of crypto assets across the ecosystem as adoption increases within the Global FI standards.

Welcome to RoRa™ Prime

The percentage of an asset's price changes in points (pips) and these movements can be used to assess volatility. Even the most popular cryptocurrencies fluctuate by 10% or more during market crises, making them unsuitable as money transmitters. Using RoRa Prime as an instrument that may be used as a medium of exchange allows you to buy and sell items and services without being worried about volatility.

An asset must fulfill the following requirements to be used as a currency: acting as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value. In other words, an asset must retain its value, be utilized to price items and services, and aid trade. The objective of the RoRa Prime project is solely to allow global trade against assets by employing new reliable currency technology, allowing it to act as a medium of exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

RoRa Prime's primary goal is to provide a service that is distinct from the ownership of legacy cryptocurrencies by lowering price volatility.

RoRa Gold, Backed By Physical Gold

RoRa Holdings core feature is that its tokens, known as RoRa Gold™ coins, will always trade at the current gold price. As RoRa™ Gold  works towards being fully integrated with global FI's, the coin price might rise over that of gold. The value of our new RoRa™ Gold coins remains as the value of an ounce of gold while our solutions are adopted. It's like having a built-in stop-loss mechanism.

RoRa Gold is The Future of Gold

The notion of a digital gold currency as an alternative payment system is nearly as old as the internet. E-Gold was established in 1995 as the first fully gold-backed digital currency following the internet's mass adoption. The infamous e-gold was a digital currency that allowed people to exchange money securely and quickly using the internet. At its height, millions of individuals worldwide were utilizing this service until it was discontinued. Other attempts to create a virtual gold currency have been made, but this was before Bitcoin. With blockchain accounting becoming more secure and Bitcoin growing more popular among the general public, a new era of gold-backed digital currencies has emerged. There's a literal (and figurative) gold rush going on; RoRa is leading the charge with our forward-thinking smart contracts. Nations are even looking to create their gold-backed coins in conjunction with RoRa Holdings and its technology.

RoRa Holdings owns the gold through our asset agreements, and how it is kept and stored is critical in determining how our process improves value. Our online gold storage providers are excellent examples of safe and accountable gold storage. When looking at gold crypto, make sure the company truly owns the gold and assets.

RXOGC Backed By Crude Reserves

The RoRa Holdings new oil coin, RXOGC, is the world's first regulatory-compliant digital currency backed by verified oil reserves in the United States. The RXOGC allows individuals and organizations to use a transparent peer-to-peer exchange digital currency with an inherent value based on oil. Oil, the most liquid and actively traded commodity globally and an essential energy source for the global economy, can now be purchased and traded with simplicity.

RoRa Oil is the Future of Oil Trading

The value of one reserve barrel of oil is represented by each RXOGC cryptocurrency coin, which will have a maximum mint of 260,416,667 coins. RXOGC is structured to become the world's leading haven for tokenized oil trading. RXOGC allows holders of digital and fiat currencies seeking to preserve wealth, lock in the gain, and/or avoid a loss to acquire, hold and transfer inherent value in digital token form by linking each RXOGC token to verified oil reserves.

To keep the supply of RXOGC in circulation and their supporting oil reserves at a constant ratio to the USD price of a single RXOGC and single barrel of oil on global markets, the number of RXOGC in circulation and their supporting oil reserves can increase alongside the demand to maintain an approximate balance between the USD price per RXOGC and one barrel of oil. Creating a transferable digital token as the embodiment of RXOGC's store of value will allow investors to preserve wealth while also engaging in commercial and consumer transactions. While avoiding volatility, inflation, and devaluations associated with other digital or national fiat currencies, it is essential to emphasize that the creation of RXOGC addresses these concerns and will exclusively be found on the NyXExchange.

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